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Custom target directory for unattended Java installation on Windows

There is a bunch of information available that explain how to perform an unattended (aka silent) installation of Java on Windows  (examples for JRE and JDK).

What is usually not mentioned is the fact that when you specify a non-standard target directory, it must not contain any spaces. The easiest way to achieve this is the use of the 8.3 format. So instead of “C:\Program Files” you can use “C:\Progra~1”.

Java Performance Monitoring

Nicolas Whitehead has written a very nice series of articles on Java run-time monitoring. They are published at the IBM Developer Works site and you should definitely check them out.

* Part 1, Run-time performance and availability monitoring for Java systems

* Part 2, Post-compilation instrumentation and performance monitoring

* Part 3, Monitoring performance and availability of an application ecosystem